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Hard copies of all policies are available to read on request at the office. Most of these policies can also be downloaded below.

As a Victorian Government school, we adhere to the policies and guidelines as described in the Department of Education website.

Information about how our school builds a positive school culture, actively working to prevent bullying

The Child Safe Standards require organisations involving children to have policies, procedures and practices to keep them safe

Curriculum plan showing  how the curriculum will be organised and implemented

Our school's approach to first aid for students

Ensuring that every member of our school community is treated with respect and dignity

Requirements and expectations related to student use of mobile phones during school hours

Explaining how we collect, use and disclose photographs, videos and recordings of students

Encouraging behaviours to minimise the risk of skin and eye damage and skin cancers

Department policy outlining information on visiting school grounds

Ensuring that all employees, volunteers and visitors meet the VIT and WWCC requirements

Ensuring that students diagnosed with asthma are appropriately supported

Policy describing how we ensure the safety and welfare of students when engaged in off-site activities

The Child Safe Standards require organisations involving children to have policies, procedures and practices to keep them safe

Policy covering student safety and wellbeing when using the internet

An overview of the school's approach to fundraising

Outlining the processes and procedures to support students with health care needs at school

Department policy outlining how information about students is shared

Provides information about uniform purchase and support, dress code and implementation. 

This financial support ensures that we can continue to provide the excellent range of facilities and resources for your children

Outlining supervision and yard duty responsibilities all staff

Policy about attendance expectations and processes

Explaining the management, operation and use of closed circuit television

Policy describing the complaints process at Tate Street Primary School

 The non-delegable duty of care obligations of all staff at Tate Street Primary School

Department policy outlining requirements for receiving or providing gifts, benefits and hospitality

Explaining the processes that ensure the safe provision of medication to students

Ensuring that special or valuable items of personal property are not brought to school

Explaining our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment.  

Explaining the values of our school community and explaining the vision, mission and objectives of our school

Ensuring that all volunteers and visitors have met Working with Children Clearance requirements

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