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At Tate Street Primary School, we recognise that a school is only as strong as its community. With an active School Council, a vibrant Parents and Friends, and a passionate Student Voice & Agency, we believe that our strong community is central to our success.

School Council

A School Council governs each Victorian state school.  School Councils are corporate bodies (legal bodies) constituted under the Education Act, and are responsible for setting the overall direction of the school.

Parents and Friends

Tate St. Primary School is extremely lucky to have a dedicated group of Parents and Friends (P&F) who work tirelessly to assist with school fundraising.

Student Voice

The Student Voice &  Agency Team is led beautifully by Teacher Leader Jayne Pitfield, with fortnightly meetings, meeting agendas, Assembly reports and various events held throughout the year, including the very popular ‘Book Week Door Decorating’ competition!

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