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Our 2017 School Council is made up by the following people:

Staff Representatives:

  • Terry Scott – Principal & Executive Officer

  • Jen Ryan – Welfare Officer

  • Natasha Watt – Teacher

  • Jane Dabrowski – Business Manager and Treasurer


Parent Representatives:

  • Jen Williams – President

  • Julie-Anne Venn – Vice President

  • Jo Dahlstrom

  • Corinne Francis

  • Natalie Mahoney

  • Katherine Perkins

  • Ces Cabalquinto

  • April Friday

  • Beck Douglas

A School Council governs each Victorian state school.  School Councils are corporate bodies (legal bodies) constituted under the Education Act, and are responsible for setting the overall direction of the school.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Policies

  • Financial administration and budgeting

  • Maintenance and improvement of buildings, grounds and furniture

  • Employment of ancillary staff

  • Contract cleaning

  • Local selection of Principal

  • Hiring of school buildings

  • Encouraging community interest in the activities of the school


School Council comprises:

Nine Parent members – elected
Four DEECD members – elected
Up to two co-opted members (nominated by School Council).


School Council Elections are held in March each year.  Please ring the school and speak to the Principal if you would like more information or contact one of the parent representatives.

Parents are urged to consider nominating as School Councillors. Any queries will be welcomed.

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