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Welcome to
Tate Street Primary School

Tate Street Primary School is located at 1B Tate St, Thomson VIC 3219. The school is dedicated to the care, safety, and well-being of children and young people. We believe in personalising education and discovering the talents of each child. At Tate Street Primary School, we engage families and the wider community as learning partners and offer a diverse and evolving curriculum. Our values are respect, responsibility, and resilience. We are committed to providing a child-safe and child-friendly environment where students feel safe.

Our Parent Opinion Survey in 2023 produced excellent data with over 65 responses (55 % response rate), with the positive feedback speaking for itself and setting the school up with clear goals in 2024! 

All students in Grade 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to participate in the Attitude to Schools Survey, which provides them the ability to provide feedback on specific facets of school.

Meet our Principal

Originally from the Mornington Peninsula, I have been working in Education for 15 years, with the last 8 years spent in school executive positions across Western Australia and Victoria. I have a passion for connecting with all children, and ensuring that they arrive at school feeling happy, supported and safe. Now entering my third year as the Principal of Tate St Primary School, I couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful school community we have, and the education we provide all students inside and outside of the classroom. Our young people are guided and supported through all facets of school life, with the academic layer having an equal focus with health & wellbeing and social & emotional learning. We are so fortunate to have a staff community of incredibly caring, nurturing and knowledgeable educators. We foster calm, engaged and curious learning environments, with an emphasis on consistency of approach via collaboration throughout our learning teams. We invest heavily in the ‘Inclusion’ space, with a Teacher Leader employed 5 days per week to support all families and students with additional needs specifically for disabilities, mental health & wellbeing, learning disorders and out of home care.

Tony Mirabella


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Meet Our Leadership Team

At Tate Street Primary School, we have a dedicated and experienced team of educators and staff who are committed to the success of our students. Our team includes classroom teachers, specialist teachers, support staff, and leadership. We believe in the importance of collaboration, and we work closely with families and the wider community to support our students. 

Tony Mirabella


Luc McKay


Jane Dabrowski


Sophie McCallum


Alicia Dixon


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