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School Camps

Our school camps program provides all Year 4, 5 and 6 students with the opportunity to experience overnight camps. School camps allow students to connect with peers and staff on a greater level, take risks in a safe environment and gain life long skills that will benefit their everyday decision making. In 2023 our camp programs saw students attend the Sovereign Hill Gold Mine Camp, Anglesea YMCA Adventure Camp and an Urban City Camp to Melbourne to experience all the excitement of city life.



The recent introduction of Science as a standalone specialist subject, with a lens of sustainability throughout the school has further enhanced our understanding of the impacts we have on the planet, with several initiatives such as; ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ on our yearly calendar.

Secondary School Visits

We work closely with local secondary schools to allow our Year 4, 5 and 6 students to visit school’s like Newcomb Secondary College several times per year for high school experience classes of Science and Food Technology.

Bike Education

Our Bike Ed program was once again a hit with Mr Potter and Mr Bates just sneaking in the program with our Grade 5 and 6’s, with a 5/6 Bike Ride Excursion to finish the year.


We provide a full swimming program in Term 4 at the Geelong Aquatic Centre. Previous swimming lessons and credentials are taken into account when students are grouped for daily swimming lessons.

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