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There is a shift in focus for Welfare in 2023 due to the new Mental Health in Primary Schools (MHiPS) initiative rolling out across the Barwon region this year.  
My new role as Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader (MHWL) includes a teaching load.  I’m now known as “Miss Clarkson” at school.  I’m excited by the expanded opportunities to support students, staff and families through this new role. The teaching part of my week is really fun and I look forward to spending more time in the classrooms this Term.  Induction began in February and training will be ongoing for the year.  I’m still establishing what the role will look like at Tate St, in response to the needs of our school community.  Below is a jigsaw diagram showing some of the expected responsibilities for everyone in this same role (across the Barwon region). 
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Sarah Clarkson 

Tate Street Primary School uses a number of evidence based programs to supplement our students’ social emotional learning.  

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