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Tate Street Primary School has impressive academic results and dynamic, engaging and stimulating programs across the school.  Alongside these, and just as important, is Tate Street’s commitment to vital social emotional learning.  Jen Ryan, our Family Liaison Officer, assists many within the school community including individual students, small groups of students, whole classes, parents and families, school staff and any other key external professionals.  Her core work involves removing any blocks to students’ education.  This takes two forms:

       Proactive work, including but not restricted to – 

  • Building solid relationships with various members of the school community

  • Encouraging timely, regular attendance

  • Building interpersonal skills via social skill education in the classroom

  • Assisting with grant applications

  • Participating in school camps

  • Attending and sharing quality professional development

  • Teaching students about personal safety, building social and emotional skills and making good choices

       Reactive work, including but not restricted to – 

  • Supporting classes/community when issues or concerns arise

  • Helping students manage strong emotions

  • Assisting with friendship issues

  • Home visits

Jen Ryan

Tate Street Primary School uses a number of evidence based programs to supplement our students’ social emotional learning.  Click on the links below to find out more about these programs and gain access to excellent parenting resources.

The four KidsMatter components are:

  1. positive school community

  2. social and emotional learning for students

  3. working with parents and carers

  4. helping children with mental health difficulties

Heart Masters is a Kids Matter program designed to develop the key aspects of emotional intelligence and resilience which include:

  1. the ability to read and take into consideration the feelings of others

  2. an awareness of your own feelings

  3. the ability to regulate or calm our feelings

  4. proficiency in a range of social competencies

  5. the skills and opportunities that enhance a sense of belonging

Wise Child is a Personal Safety Program developed by Child Wise, a charity working to prevent the abuse and exploitation of children.  The aim of the program is to provide children with the skills to cope in situations which they may be at risk of harm.

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