Tate St. Primary School is extremely lucky to have a dedicated group of Parents and Friends (P&F) who work tirelessly to assist with school fundraising.  Fundraising efforts over the past few years have allowed the school to purchase interactive whiteboards and iPads.

Some of the fundraising activities organised include:

  • Preparing and serving lunch on ‘Special Lunch Day’, held each term

  • Preparing and working on the yearly Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Stalls

  • Holding a very popular Trivia night

  • Running a Chocolate/Lolly drive

  • Organising the Tate St. Car Boot Sale

  • Processing School Banking in conjunction with the Commonwealth Bank

  • Running two Book Clubs which earn credit for the school to buy new resources

Book Clubs

Orders can be made online for both Book Clubs.  Click on the links below and make sure you select Tate Street Primary School from the appropriate drop down menu



Parents and friends are also encouraged to help out in other ways around the school.  Some ways parents currently help to:

  • Helping out on excursions

  • Helping out on special days such as Athletics Day

  • Buying, cutting and delivering fruit for Fresh Fruit Friday  – Fresh fruit is provided for students each Friday for their fruit snack

  • Helping with reading (or any other activities) in the classroom

  • Running the Uniform shop


All parental help and involvement is valued very highly and enhances our community spirit.  We are always looking for new parents and friends to join our group so contact the school to find out how!




Tate Street Primary School has a large roster of highly valued volunteers.  The benefit of so many dedicated volunteers in a small school such as ours is priceless and we are grateful for volunteers from the following groups who currently volunteer their time and skills:

  • Students currently completing their Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) degree at Deakin University

  • Parishioner of St Matthews Anglican Church 



Some of the ways our volunteers help and engage with the school are:

  • Spending quality time with students, one on one

  • Assisting in the classroom

  • Donating goods

  • Attending special days and events

  • Manning the BBQ at special events

  • Attending working bees to maintain the school grounds

If you would like to volunteer your time in any way, please contact the office 



P&F notices


STAFFROOM: Parents and friends are needed every week to chop up fruit for students to share in their classrooms.  If you are free, please help out.

P&F social events