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Tate Street offers a challenging, innovative and thoroughly successful music program.   Under the expert and enthusiastic guidance of our music teacher Ms Dani Rocca, our students have the opportunity to learn to play marimba, percussion, ukulele, sing and dance!  As well as the classroom music program, and the classroom singing program run by the classroom teachers, Tate Street offers the following opportunities:



Private instrumental music lessons during school time are available. They are held in our well-resourced music room from highly qualified teachers. Please contact the office for further details.



Run by the Salvation Army, Just Brass offers a free program of weekly brass and percussion group instrumental lessons and band rehearsals.  Group instrumental lessons are conducted at school.  The program is so popular that there is currently a waiting list.

Link to Salvation Army Just Brass

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There is a group for all ages and levels in our marimba program:

Junior Marimba

This is a group open to students in grades Prep to 2.  At weekly rehearsals they learn fun marimba songs and occasionally perform in and out of school.

Marimba for Fun

Marimba for Fun is a group of students in grades 3 to 6 who come together to play for fun during lunchtime once a week.

Training Taters

This is a group for students in grades 3 to 5 who want the chance to audition for the MarimbaTaters.  Rehearsals are held once a week, before school.


MarimbaTaters membership is be selection only and students must meet attendance requirements to remain in the group.  This is the main marimba performance group and they rehearse a minimum of two time a week, including before school.  For more on the MarimbaTaters, click on the link.

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