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The library at Tate Street Primary School is very well equipped for a small school.  Students enjoy weekly library lessons taken with Vicki Rossiter and have the opportunity to borrow, read and enjoy a variety of books.  Library monitors are selected each year who help in the process of borrowing and returning books and keep the library neat and clean.  The Annual Book Fair is always a highlight of the year for our students and we raise lots of money to purchase more wonderful books and resources for the children.


Our lovely library at Tate Street is home to our ICT centre as well as our substantial collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Our library is used by students and staff for research, ICT and special events.

The library has an interactive whiteboard and a full class set of desktop computers for student use during ICT sessions with their teachers. ICT class time can be used for research or in other ways such as preparing a piece of written work for publication or display, allowing students to integrate the use of computers into their learning and improve their technology skills.  They are also used to do Reading Eggs and Mathletics, two programs that successfully combine learning and fun.

We have sets of netbooks and iPads that are used regularly in all classes from Prep to Grade 6. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards.

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